Conventional TV vs. OTT/ConnectedTV Advertising

"Lifestyles, values and passions form new target groups across all ages, genders, income and educational levels."

OTT / ConnectedTV Advertising comes with a variety of strong advantages over traditional TV advertising. But what are those advantages?

Here is a comparison overview between conventional, linear broadcast television advertising and OTT / ConnectedTV Advertising.

Traditional TV Advertising

  • Target demographics according to ratings & daytimes
  • Pay for viewership based on ratings
  • Limited control over coverage waste
  • Reach limited to “momentary viewership”
  • Defining customers by traditional demographics (gender, age, income, educational level)
  • High risk, high up-front investment, expensive ad-placement
  • Rates based on ratings and ratings based on estimates and projections of potential viewership at a specific daytime.
  • Actual viewership subject to fluctuations such as competition between TV Shows and Networks, rapid changes in viewer habits, major global events and news coverage, sports events, social media trends and other distractions which may suddenly reduce your actual ad-viewership on conventional TV.
  • Actual viewership is estimated.
  • Viewership location is unclear.
  • Market research to collect ad-viewership and geo location of ad-viewers is an additional expense to be budgeted along with conventional TV ad-campaigns.

OTT Advertising

  • Target customers according to their immediate needs & interest
  • Pay for exact number of viewers
  • Target motivated buyers in their purchase-making decision
  • Combine with content placement on (24/7) brand channels defining customers by lifestyle, interest and passion
  • Low-risk, low up-front investment, inexpensive ad-views
  • Rates based on CPM. Advertisers only pay for actual ad-views/impressions, entirely independent from ratings and projections.
  • Due to CPM-based accounting, advertisers are never subject to viewership fluctuations and entirely independent from global events, news coverage, sports events or social media trends. Booked ad-views/impressions are delivered organically as inventory becomes available every day.
  • Campaigns can be prioritized over other advertisers, targeted on selected channels or run-over-network in order to boost delivery of ad-views and viewership growth.
  • Actual viewership is a hard fact and followed advertisers and agencies in real-time via Ad Manager Accounts with graphical user interfaces.
  • Viewership location is a hard fact and tracked by advertisers and agencies via graphical users interfaces, graphs and maps.
  • Detailed viewership analytics are tracked by the delivering CDN and provided to advertisers and agencies via graphical user interfaces in real-time at no additional cost.
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