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Track the success of your ConnectedTV Advertising Campaign in real-time and scale up and down instantly.

Pay only for actual ad-views, not ad-placement. No more worries about estimated viewerships based on ratings which are based on market research. Trust the facts and monitor the exact number of ad-viewers in real-time. Pay only for real viewers.


Know your ad viewership! Retrieve real-time viewing stats, geo location, device types, channels and more.

OTT Advertising combines the powerful impact of big-screen TV commercials with the advantages of hard-fact and real time viewership data of online advertising.


Start, stop, resume, change campaigns at any time. Manage your commercials and campaign settings in real-time through your advertiser account. No more dependency on manual labor of networks and stations.

Precision Targeting

Lifestyle and passion are the demographics of the future. Target motivated buyers according to lifestyle, immediate goals and purchase-driving passions.

No more guessing demographics based on ratings. Why bothering about old-school demographics like gender, ethnicity, age or education level when you can target anyone who is passionate about your products?

If you sell watersports gear: does gender, ethnicity or age really matter? Wouldn’t  you like to market your products to everyone who is passionate about watersports and goes wake-boarding at every possible opportunity? We have your ideal customer. Millions of them. ConnectedTV Advertising allows you to target customers passionate about your products while they are right in their research and purchase-making decision.

Cost Efficiency

Pay only for actual ads viewed instead of ad-runs with an estimated viewership. “Ratings are yesterday’s phenomenon.” No more guessing, projecting, estimating of potential viewers, demographics and value of your ad-placement based on ratings. OTT / ConnectedTV Advertising allows you to control your ad-budget at all times.

Big Screen Impact

Run high-impact TV-Ad-Campaigns with your 15-30 second television commercial on the best screen and stereo system in millions of households across the United States and worldwide.

No Coverage Waste

Reduce coverage waste and target only your most ideal customer profile with non-skippable pre-/mid-/post-roll video ads.

Instant Campaign Launch

Setup, target and launch your TV-Ad-Campaign within 72 hours – all in-house with your own team.

Advertiser Account

Control your TV-Ad-Campaigns through your Advertiser Account. Upload new commercials at any time. Track your ad-campaign-viewership and their geo-location in real-time.

Cutting Edge

Utilize cutting-edge streaming technologies and the most robust CDN delivery. Outsmart your competition and leave your industry in the rearview mirror.

Future Proof

The future of Television is streamed. Move your advertising and marketing into future-proof spaces!

Be a First-Mover

First-movers have the upper hand. You can now acquire all eye-balls, all leads, all viewers for your products and services.

Accelerate ROI

Maximize your brand’s impact by combining your Ad-Campaigns with on-demand an Marketing Channel, prominently featured on your selected ConnectedTV Channels.


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US Households in millions using ConnectedTV as primary source for Television

2013 35 Millions
2014 45 Millions
2018 78 Millions

Households Connected

Annual Growth


USD Industry

33 %

Of All TV Advertising


Major studies of industry-leaders such as Nielsen, MIT, Accenture and Diffusion Group predict that by 2020 at least one third of all TV Advertising will run on OTT/ConnectedTV growing into a 40 Billion Dollar industry per year in the United States alone.

You now have the chance to be at the forefront and become a first-move in your industry to run your TV ad campaigns on targeted OTT/ConnectedTV Channels, acquiring all new customers increasing your lead over your competition.



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